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If you like our website and would like to support us somehow, so you can in the following ways.

Email contact for this section - 

1) Materials of New York (*)- You can send us a materials, informations etc.

 - photos and videos
 - postcards
 - tickets and coupons for attractions
 - tickets for transport (taxi, metro, bus, ship, ..)
 - articles from magazines and newspapers
 - promotional materials
 - leaflets and posters

Do you plan to visit New York? Think back to us and send us a postcard or messages and photos to email... Postal address, will give you to the email.

2) Your articles, reviews, travel stories, drawings, pictures, etc. (*)

- We are also pleased by your creations;-)

3) Your advertising - place your ad on this website

 - Theoretically about anywhere, certainly in the category Links
 - The condition is that the topic will be New York and America
 - Price or the remuneration by agreement

4) Financial - it is the last option, if someone was to such donor ;-)

- In which case the option is listed as sponsor


(*)  1. - 2.
You can send email to overscan or by mail.
Everything is placed on the site here and on Facebook.
Of course there is according to the wishes, putting you as a source or author.


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